Tuesday, December 28, 2010

T have nonwoven fabric bag

No matter is synthetic, jute, or other what of, as long as the pocket can be for many times made use of, be okay.
How fold plastics bag"the abnormal condition is small"
If you don,t have nonwoven fabric bag, can also along with take a plastics bag in case of need.Press the diagram to show to fold into a small triangle of plastics bags, pack in the pack don,t cover a square at all.
Notice:Time of folding folds while extruding the air in the bag.
The paper bag PK plastics bag, who more environmental protection?
"Articles" of the plastics biggest bag are it from gather ethylene to make into, not the ability living creature declines a solution, its raw material petroleum also can not reborn.Compare under, the paper bag can decline a solution by living creature, and its production raw material is a tree, belong to can renewable resource.But the paper bag"articles" are also many, such as:The process that produces paper bag will bring more serious water pollution and air pollution, even if chase paper bag to circularly make use of again,need to expend more energies;BE more opposite than plastics bag, abandon need not of the paper bag will occupy larger space and bury to handle a method in the garbage in, it is as hard as majority of things to decline a solution.

The fresh counter in the supermarket will use the plastics bag to the merchandise and pack 1 F again

Do in this aspect better nation, should be Switzerland.Plastics bag at a lot of national be limited an use, but in Switzerland, be applied very and extensively, the fresh counter in the supermarket will use the plastics bag to the merchandise and pack 1 F again;Bread the small bag that has already taken pore as well beside provides a free use, even will also have free plastics bag by the side of the garbage box, this provides the dog the host to clean up dog muck to use in time.But, the public place in Switzerland, you in no case will see a castoff discard plastics bag and talk more not up the plastics bag"is a full sky of to dance in the wind", hanged in the treetop, passive thing to swallow to eat the affair of plugging the stomach to take place, this explains the plastics bag was rationalized to use!

Shopping bag can"with old change lately"
In Korea

Italy:Produce company lesson high taxes to the plastics bag
Italian government to plastics bag production the company practice "tax method" and advertise for with the high taxes to suppress the production of plastics bag.According to the statistics, after practicing the policy, the use of Italian and local plastics bag obviously descended.
Korea:Shopping bag can"with old change lately"
In Korea, whether you purchase how expensive thing in the market or not, the markets can,t present shopping bag, the customer needs flower 100 the dollar purchase paper bag or plastics bag.Certainly, store will the original price take back these bags, the customer can also take an old bag to go to store or supermarket to change a new bag.
Plastics bag not is can not use
If say to completely forbid to use plastics bag to is impossible, that we can back one-step reasonable use plastics bag.This includes to continuously and circularly make use of, as far as possible little use, and the thing exerts it to use.

The customer can entrust supermarkets to donate to the pogey or the environmental protection organization as well as keep a good shopping small ticket and wait the time that pays tax at the end of the year Be donate to arrive a tax

See "only for Su" of abroad
The United States:Can arrive a tax from taking shopping bag
In some big supermarkets in California, the United States, if customer from take shopping bag, close book the clerk will give a customer 5 beautiful special discount in cents, and clearly row at shopping small ticket up.For this money, the customer can entrust supermarkets to donate to the pogey or the environmental protection organization as well as keep a good shopping small ticket and wait the time that pays tax at the end of the year Be donate to arrive a tax.
England:Have prize integral calculus the encouragement the customer
It is British large catena supermarket TESCO to pass to praise the way encouragement of the integral calculus need not plastics bag of customer or again use shopping bag.

Have a maintenance responsibility and extensive influence most to the living environment of

"Loft hair flood" of the unexpected happening lets the Sir once expends many financial power and energy to repair loss, however after the event, once the Sir still kept being the faithful cellophane noodles of plastics bag, the garbage also still literally threw to go out an outside.Is similar to the majority, mention an environmental protection, once the Sir thinks, oneself however be used more how many plasticses bag, the Earth environment again consequently change much and greatly?
People use plastics bag, mouth inside but say green of matter son.Introspect the attitude that we treat "only for Su", probably we have already forgotten and government and business enterprise carry a responsibility to the environmental protection, besides which, , have a maintenance responsibility and extensive influence most to the living environment of, always is our each independent individual that is living in the environment.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Regiment became a ball general

regiment became a ball general, then make an effort of push to have no emperor.The Xuan light pretty girl station settle, loudly of roared "have no emperor, you don,t want to move you is body, " to finish saying, right hand of the crystal raise and put at the white bottle of of left hand.Two mutually gathered together, that crystal were also ten thousand Zhang ray of lights to hand over to mutually reflect jet but.The bottle also in a twinkling opened, then crystal afloat and in the sky, that white bottle sets upside downs, Gu Gu but run off of is a white Xuan light, the Pu shines on the earth.The living creature of ground seemed to be also to start resuming source of vitality and vitality and heard the voice of creation growth.That ray of light also equally illuminated blackness and flowed out and the rashness move flurried people, by this time resumed equanimity and replied and see a clearly beautiful sky.But 絀 row and son sweet Luo, the tiger is strong, the black current of air on the body is evaporated, from the body in fled out, formed the current of air in a few blacks, in the sky float to concuss.絀 Row at this time also"" a , but he opens wing and fly to eminence.The inside of the body the virtuous black heart is continuously to jump about, this is the voice that the blood of evil flows.At the moment, he was incensed."The creation returns a religion and is used by evil absolute being!"He loudly of called 1.At the moment, the black current of air of sky and underground also through the Xuan slowly meet together to him only.Xuan light pretty girl, the right hand also lifted, "the female Wa repair the white stone in sky, now is the time that you produce result!"Say, nfl jerseys own body slowly curl, gradually became a ray of light, flew into that bottle inside."Have no emperor, hereafter what

But you aren

to.Have no emperor to hear, 絀 row two words, the fury in the heart immediately burns.Know the station is own personal enemy at the oneself not far square person.And oneself is directed by him of the person of under charge vanquished.Tie up, move not to get at present.The fury combustion in his heart gets up, the true spirit of a mightiness understands from the feet bottom pubic region, keep to straightly flee.Dash about in own chest.Oneself can more put out strength, the rope on the body more Lei get tight.It almost be making progress oneself is meat inside."Have no emperor, you don,t want to struggle, I to untie your rope, but, you Authentic NFL Jerseys want to promise me, don,t list a hand to the 絀 , whether you can Authentic NFL Jerseys make?"Xuan light pretty girl to he gentleness of say.She lets out into an orchid, the dark joss-stick flows out.Have no to cut up rough in emperor heart, shook to shake head, immediately ordered to nod again."Are you to think that I put you, then came to kill him and righted?I know that you want to revenge, but you aren,t his opponent now, at present, although he is in your in front,you can not kill him, are you understand?"The Xuan light pretty girl says.The words that have no emperor to listen to so peculiar feel suspicious in the heart, didn,t expect that 絀 row but great anger."Xuan light, he this boy is naturally my irreconcilable enemy of evil clan, if he is deathless, I sooner or later the life lose a his hand, I the right and wrong want to put out his today."Finish saying, the wing enlarged several, the palm opened, and many black breezes compatibly flowed and then complied with the surrounding to inhale his hand.Then, his hands fold to add to gather together.The current of air in black became the smoke in a black, his moment spread hands again, that black of current of air ferment the

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Now that prince Ye

sword saint now badly a war!!!"The segment praises two hands to embrace chest and towards that to grow green elder to say.The look in the eyes a little bit challenges at the same time, this is the unique emperor city inside sword saint, at the right moment can do a hand for oneself.Seem all of strongs are this appearance similar, that grows green elder is also like this looking at fame, 2 people is look in the eyes wiped spark, a combat is an essential to have.The segment fame once turns round and towarded to go them to say for a day:"You return to and grow green elder to have some an affair with me."The segment day line how could cans not see clearly, these two people is meaning, but also is to recognize tacitly, own son is 16 years old and then is getting more severe than he or she, this is also a kind of pride.Call the segment praise a little bit careful after, take those people to leave.The spot left 2 people, the segment fame towardsed to grow green elder to say:"You are old man is house, you say to have a competition to there!!I don,t want to make people say as well I not is old."Grow green elder to arrive still a very kindly elder, toward a words with rude fame, he is basically not concerned, toward fame way:"Now that prince Ye, let the old Nu choose a place, that we go to Long Shan out of the city, how, see who arrive first??"Segment fame be on smiling, compare light achievement mere trifle, besides the light body Shu of this world is easy, is not soon either, "good, you cheap nfl jerseys lose, how calculate, we want wager to order nfl jerseys what, just good!!"Growing green elder to have never thought segment fame will have so on recruiting, that finger segment fame, say with smile:"I have some collect, all what things have, if you can win me, I make you take away 1/3."Segment praises a conspiracy succeeds of appearance, toward to grow green elder to say:"That thanked, we started now, I count three, start."Grow green elder an appearance that has much of bottom spirit, order, he has already been a sword saint,also lose to just advanced sword saint???"Three, , , two, , , a, , start."Because the segment praises 1 to finish shouting, 2 people are like the swords that leaves Xuan general, going forward of velocity of light, a while disappear at first, brought about a burst of

The method of self-discipline has already given you

away.""I will to you be responsible for of, can not also give you the honor and duties now, because that princess Lincoln hasn,t married me, he is a wife."The segment fame towards a Yan Hong saying of small voice, feel oneself seems to be really to owe Yan Hong, clearly know that oneself can not give her what, also give° her to accept.Yan Hong is pouring is considerate:"Be free, I like you all right already, your in the mind has me to go, the he-man was originally three wives four Qies of, much less you were still Lord of the country, the women mostly was also natures."The segment praises to have never thought the Yan a Hong still a so considerate woman, pulls her in own bosom noodles and towards her to say:"Stop worrying, how can,t forget, either.You wait a meeting in the bedchamber take a rest, the method of self-discipline has already given you, you want thoroughly self-discipline.Wait a meeting, I want to explain with them.""Know, you not explained once and all had several times, go to!!"Yan Hong saying of gentleness.She in fact the ratio segment praise greatly and too much.The idea is also a lot of close, in this big hospital in the imperial palace, the idea isn,t close, that is the meeting in danger.Little Deng Zi is already to deliver clothes at this time, the segment fame puts on clothing, take little Deng Zi the alignment arrive at outside outside and then see several cheap nfl jerseys the tenth, ascend No.100 the person stand over there, among them, the segment day goes and Yan thin 2 people stand at most before.The segment fame smiled to smile and then face up and towarded a line to say with smile for a day:"The emperor of the father, you how don,t go to bed, run me to do what here."The segment day line towards fame be scold mercilessly:"You also say, if not that you make so big action, who come you are here.""Explain with you, I broke again, anyway this wasn,t a first time either to say with you."The segment fame towards to go saying of doesn,t matter for a day.At this time side up of grow green elder to the interest, hurriedly toward fame Ju body to ask a way:"Do not know, prince now is what fix for???The breakthrough was also two year agos last time, how so quick.""Can,t, Authentic NFL Jerseys the person was really too with talent, casually self - disciplines all so of force ability heel

"Outside spread little Deng Zi is voice

there is no Dan at this time, only one lotus set.The time in self-discipline, under the circumstance that the segment fame didn,t realize, the spirit Authentic NFL Jerseys of emperor is in the absolute being mansion, incredibly the string came out, positive facing segment pubic region for praising but go, wait until fame discovers of time, is already is already late.The spirit of those emperor ises, a get into the pubic region is to eat stimulant.Spare no effort a facing segment to praise a lately- become lotus set but go.Segment fame be in the heart a hasty."Good heavens, I just in the turning point, you rush out, isn,t this seeking me to bother??"The segment fame looking at facing oneself lotus set but go to of emperor of spirit, a burst of spirit short.The in the mind noodles is cursing and scolding own of the cheap teacher, if not that he makes he absorb these ghost things, now also can,t so.However, there is no his imagination in of miserably, the spirit of those emperors is just melted to an inside, didn,t result in for lotus set what influence, on the contrary was a short while liquid glue.The pair of lotus set being more rapid gave a firmness.However the lotus set at this time is no longer six colors of, also mix up with together aureate ray of light, compare before more of sacred solemn.The segment fame looking at to knot a good lotus sets, is a burst of to relax and faints on the bed, just of the self- discipline discarded very big absolute being to know, the mentality fell behind now.Wait until when the time wakes up, see Yan Hong red eyes to see himself/herself.The trace obviously had to cry.The segment fame sits to start and towards Yan Hong to ask a way:"How were you ???"The Yan Hong says:"Not just you, I think that you had an accident to urgently die I.""I can what is up prepare clothes for me, today want again with them explain for a while."The segment fame clapped the pipi of clapping the Yan Hong to say.The Yan Hong is a burst of blush with shame.Twist water snake waist to prepare clothes for fame.Segment fame can since the posture that she walked saw, she affirms now very painful, the segment fame hurriedly called to live her:"Hong son, you don,t go, I seek little Deng Zi to seek for me!You come over to accompany me to say."The cheap nfl jerseys Yan Hong awkward and shily orders and sit to in the home position.The segment fame towards an outside to shout a way:"Little Deng Zi prepares clothes for me."Outside spread little Deng Zi is voice:"Good Mao comes right