Thursday, January 13, 2011

Because of the obstacle of oneself disable and sick influence and the external world environment

Once Shi Lin introduces, there is totally disable and sick person in Gansu 1,870,000, 290 remainings of old people ten thousand, child over 4,600,000, took up 1/3 of the total population around, these people would be a that is mainly non- obstacle environment to be subjected to a benefit.
Province person of Gansu big method work Wei pair director, Li Gao, helps to say, because of the obstacle of oneself disable and sick influence and the external world environment, the disable and sick person exists in the aspects of obtaining an information very difficult, strengthen the information exchanges will help them without the obstacle construction equal, convenience, obtain and make use of an information without the obstacle ground.
Gansu province lives to set up hall a deputy commissioner the week said in response to the soldier, to without aggressive sex Gao in the obstacle facilities constucting, express a city with outstanding and obvious result, will in the policy, funds give moderation tilt to one side, but take up, break to every variety, deformation then will carry on a scathing punishment without the behavior and responsibility of the obstacle facilities person.

Hint that the stereo set

Provincial government legal system in Gansu does pair director once Shi Lin said, current, Gansu are aring placed in the important period that infrastructure construction and town turn a rapid development, draw up a set an exclusively local laws, to overall, systematically all of norm and management save without the obstacle constucting particularly is importance.
According to understand, include without the obstacle construction construction without the obstacle facilities and without obstacle information exchanges construction, the point district includes a city and travels view area, the large life community out of the city planning district and main transportation trunk line service area.
Mainly point an ascent way, blind way, caution signal, hint that the stereo set, designation equips without the obstacle facilities among them and without the facilitieses like obstacle toilet,etc;Communicate to point without the obstacle information the disable and sick person passes to use a blind hint, hand language and network of the text, speech and writing and other assistance equipmentses, technique and acquires an information to carry on exchanges.

Reformation and management will bring into this administration district development programming and city country construction programming without the obstacle construction towards making concrete rules without the construction

(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
Win a new net orchid state give or get an electric shock(Ping Zhi Jun) Gansu province to disclose on the 29th on December 29, 《Gansu province without obstacle construction regulation 》 will on January 1, 2011 since is all saving implementation.This undertaking aim is strengthening construction without the obstacle, guarantee a disable and sick person, old people, harm a patient, women and child and other have a demand equal participation social activities right.
The provincial government news office in Gansu convenes a news conference on the 29th and surrounded a 《Gansu province without obstacle construction regulation 》 promulgation implementation circumstance to carry on a detailed reading.The 《regulation 》 from how lately set up, reformation and management will bring into this administration district development programming and city country construction programming without the obstacle construction towards making concrete rules without the construction, reformation, maintenance and management responsibility of obstacle facilities, stipulating above government of county class shoulding without a few aspects like obstacle facilities,etcs.

The basic mindset of macroscopic economic policy next year wants "is actively steady

Ten, the center put forward the macroscopic economic policy of"is actively steady, with circumspection vivid" basic mindset
Face complications and change more of at home and abroad economic environment, come from domestic and international and nature of rigorous challenge, party the center, State Department science decision, confidence economy in the prison prison works active power, persistence the processing keep so much economy steady develop, adjust the relation of economic structure and management inflation expectation a little bit quickly Be macro view adjust and control of core, put forth effort and raise the sex and vivid of the aiming at of policy according to the new situation new circumstance in good time, economic society to very certainly the head make stronger further.Convene on December 3 of medium the totally central political bureau meeting put forward, the our country will carry out aggressive public finance policy and steady monetary policy in 2011 and convene later on of central economic working conference again explicit, the basic mindset of macroscopic economic policy next year wants "is actively steady, with circumspection vivid" and adjust for macroscopic economic policy settling further.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The city hands over Wei to put forward

■Report reporter, Wu Xuan, lately and quickly
Yesterday, the city person greatly represented the inspection 《parking lot regulation in Guangzhou City 》 lawmaking to push forward a circumstance.The city hands over Wei to put forward:400 dollars|the parking fee of the month the instruction price is too low, influenced enthusiasm of the social capital participation parking lot construction, should raise a parking fee.
Up to October, 2010, car possession in Guangzhou already over 1,550,000, register in about more than 630,000s in the parking berth of volume in the transportation section.Currently, Guangzhou City is parking the car the instruction price of the insurance fee in month is 400 dollars.
Thing tube square:400 dollars is too low monthly
Yesterday, city person greatly when the representative inspected star in Pearl River Hsin-cheng to remit park parking lot managed a direction representative to tell a bitterness:400 dollars is too low monthly.

"I this car is this year is new car

Is contrary, the used-car in the citizen is hand wants to want that selling is difficult, not only the used-car dealer would not like to accept a car, the price still compares new low before the government many."I this car is this year is new car, a Si Kodak, just ran more than 500 kilometers, go to once the used-car market asked and sell now lose 20,000 much."Citizen, Mr. Tian, says.And an used-car dealer say, "the car of this car condition, also lose 10,000 before"new policy" many, but present price Gao we don,t dare to accept as well."
Author:Chen Lin
(Responsibility editor:kaimengli)
Hand over Wei to urge to raise Guangzhou to park the car a charge
The city hands over a Wei pair director, Liu Wei, think low influence parking lot of repay rate construction;Represent objection to step aside to deliver companies to win more benefit

The reporter understands on the market from the used-car

BE spending a country used-car market, the reporter also sees, parts of dealer is price markups sell a car to have become trend, and still a part of dealers said, don,t become nervous to sell now, "anyway is also fully over the case, sell one now a little, first not hasty, etc. again see."
The common used-car procures a price slump
According to know, after curing to block up a new government a set, the direction of used-car once let a lot of dealer is fan Mangs.The related section sends out a notice and asks the sellers to get hold of a related section of the "used-car" material in the hand to keep on record later on, can still take a card to transfer ownership after.
The reporter understands on the market from the used-car, whole city several big used-car markets have already registered to keep on record currently of"take a card" used-car, there are about also 2000.