Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The normal market selling price should be about 50

Originally sell 60,000 to want 80,000 now
Yesterday, the reporter was spending country and second city used-car area to see, new the noisy prospects before the government already no longer, the dealer is figure ratio sees a car a person and the rise on the market, many dealers inside the stores are all carefree to beat to have poker.Second city used-car area a seller Be candid in saying, oneself in hand of match Na in a 2005 car originally sell 60,000 many, but the present worth"want to compare originally Gao Dian, 80,000 or so, I this is fully lead the car of case, can ascend a card of".According to understand, the match Na of this age car, the normal market selling price should be about 50,000-60,000 dollars, while the dealer is price obviously outran the normal price of market.
Another seller just clinched a deal a business.The seller said that customer also because know that car affirmation that oneself buys can ascend a card, just this order in label, if can not transfer ownership, seller is whole sumseses back deposit.

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