Friday, January 7, 2011

The novel 《negative clock 》

Author is brief introduction:Person in Fukien livings in 1985, is reviewed to 2008 Chinas by the small writer alliance website ten big 80 empress the writer ranking in the sixth place.Chen Ping adopts one of the interview writers of《80 empresses the writer is interview record Ⅱ》 (Jilin publication group limited liability company)and 《 the writer is interview record (the center broadcasting Open University publisher)after eight 〇s 》 of plait.The publication has the novel 《negative clock 》and 《 Die bury 》 .
Work data:The novel 《the Die buries 》 , Lin Jing Yi Zhao, the Chinese publisher publishes in December, 2009.
The work of equal level:The novel 《negative clock 》 , Lin Jing Yi Zhao, connects dint publisher to publish in August, 2005, is in September, 2010 had a second edition by cultural art publisher.

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