Monday, January 3, 2011

Is 7 county City

贠 Little Su:This time 12 county City that are around talked are:Wei southern city in Shaanxi province and Shanxi province carries city and Heilongjiang province good wood Si City and Yunnan province red river admire Ni clan the Yi clan is 5 states, such as autonomy state and Xiang sun City in Hubei province...etc., Heilongjiang province iron dint City and Guangxi strong the clan autonomous region defend city harbor City port area and Shanxi province greatly and together county and Heilongjiang province peony river City is Yangming area, Liaoning province lighthouse City and Zhejiang province last worry City and Liaoning province is Chuang is river City is etc. is 7 county City.
The data suggests that 5 states, 7 county downtowns aring around talked didn,t report to namely use a problem outstanding, illegally taking up farmland area the proportion is more big, to this, total inspector in the national land, the national territory resources department minister Xu Shao Shi means:

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