Monday, January 10, 2011

Pours on the ground

Five a period of 10 days male officers and workers, dormitory be massacred
The homosexual behavior is led to kill a body disaster
On the morning of January 18 this year, the north flows a city police department to receive to report a case:Some worker, Yang Mou, about 50 years old from a cement works in town is massacred in the dormitory.The police discovers after reconnoitring the spot that this is a very simple dormitory, inside put a bed, there is sheet on the bed;The dead, Yang Mou, pours on the ground, the neck last Lei wears electric wire;Money and the cellular phones in his purse is all missing.
Introduce according to other workers, the case discovers that the dormitory of field is on the second floor, the floor peacetime is no one lives.Case hair a few days ago, Yang Mou took an unfamiliar man about 30 years old to this dormitory to reside temporarily.The sheet on the bed is what Yang Mou embraced to come from the home, that man is hasing a meal is also what Yang Mou sends go to.

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