Monday, January 3, 2011

贠 Little Su

Xu Shao Shi:We are in of 12, you make use of to exist these problems with management in the land, the property is serious, so I am a total land inspector, borrow the opportunity of this meeting, formally put forward serious critique to you.
贠 Little Su means in around talking:Enforce the law a check to see as a result from the land Wei slice in the Year 2009 is, national land management and make use of order to keep on an amendment, especially and particularly city, the land enforces the law a work obvious amendment, but also expose a some outstanding problems at the same time.
贠 Little Su:One is parts of regions to illegally use a ground of problem more serious, the some cities, county illegally takes up farmland area to have to add construction to use the proportion that the ground has farmland total area over 15 order prescriptive 15%;Two is a point engineering item is used illegal severity.Three is wade an agriculture to illegally distribute with the ground extensively.

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