Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hint that the stereo set

Provincial government legal system in Gansu does pair director once Shi Lin said, current, Gansu are aring placed in the important period that infrastructure construction and town turn a rapid development, draw up a set an exclusively local laws, to overall, systematically all of norm and management save without the obstacle constucting particularly is importance.
According to understand, include without the obstacle construction construction without the obstacle facilities and without obstacle information exchanges construction, the point district includes a city and travels view area, the large life community out of the city planning district and main transportation trunk line service area.
Mainly point an ascent way, blind way, caution signal, hint that the stereo set, designation equips without the obstacle facilities among them and without the facilitieses like obstacle toilet,etc;Communicate to point without the obstacle information the disable and sick person passes to use a blind hint, hand language and network of the text, speech and writing and other assistance equipmentses, technique and acquires an information to carry on exchanges.

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