Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The city hands over Wei to put forward

■Report reporter, Wu Xuan, lately and quickly
Yesterday, the city person greatly represented the inspection 《parking lot regulation in Guangzhou City 》 lawmaking to push forward a circumstance.The city hands over Wei to put forward:400 dollars|the parking fee of the month the instruction price is too low, influenced enthusiasm of the social capital participation parking lot construction, should raise a parking fee.
Up to October, 2010, car possession in Guangzhou already over 1,550,000, register in about more than 630,000s in the parking berth of volume in the transportation section.Currently, Guangzhou City is parking the car the instruction price of the insurance fee in month is 400 dollars.
Thing tube square:400 dollars is too low monthly
Yesterday, city person greatly when the representative inspected star in Pearl River Hsin-cheng to remit park parking lot managed a direction representative to tell a bitterness:400 dollars is too low monthly.

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