Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"I this car is this year is new car

Is contrary, the used-car in the citizen is hand wants to want that selling is difficult, not only the used-car dealer would not like to accept a car, the price still compares new low before the government many."I this car is this year is new car, a Si Kodak, just ran more than 500 kilometers, go to once the used-car market asked and sell now lose 20,000 much."Citizen, Mr. Tian, says.And an used-car dealer say, "the car of this car condition, also lose 10,000 before"new policy" many, but present price Gao we don,t dare to accept as well."
Author:Chen Lin
(Responsibility editor:kaimengli)
Hand over Wei to urge to raise Guangzhou to park the car a charge
The city hands over a Wei pair director, Liu Wei, think low influence parking lot of repay rate construction;Represent objection to step aside to deliver companies to win more benefit

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