Monday, January 10, 2011

Check through a careful row

Very obviously, that unfamiliar man has graveness to commit crime suspicion, but, he no longer knows a Zong.
Check through a careful row, the people Jing discovers north flowing a beams surname the man and the dead, Yang Mou, have already touched elbow.The beam is some to confess to the police, a day in mid- January, this year, he "meet by chance" that unfamiliar man in the rest room of the jade Lin Mou is station, 2 people together stayed for several days.Later on, the beam is some to take the unfamiliar man to the north to flow, the introduction gave the cement works worker, Yang Mou, .The beam is some to call, all of he, Yang Mou and that unfamiliar men are homosexuality.Their this person in the turn son all generally doesn,t find out the real name of the other party, he know that that unfamiliar man was an even laurel person, once cab it to permit a county from the wood of jade.

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